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KK Security, a leader in defending the human rights of their staff

Oct, 2017

KK Security has emerged as one of two of the best security firms in Kenya for promoting and defending human rights as part of their business practices.

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Gearing up for Election Support in Kenya

Jul, 2017

With the upcoming elections in Kenya, now is the time to review your plans. KK Security can provide you and your company with the tools to prepare your work place and train your staff.

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KK Security achieves Aviation Security Service Provider certification

Jun, 2017

On 19 June 2017, the KCAA officially certified us to provide aviation security services, enabling us to increase the scope of our services across Kenyan airports.

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Changing public perception of security companies

Apr, 2017

KK Security emergency Mobile Response Teams, known more commonly as MRTs, are changing the way people perceive KK Security.

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A show of bravery in Nairobi

Nov, 2016

KK Security teams response to a fire at a client site, going well above and beyond their duties.

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A job well done in Zanzibar

Dec, 2016

KK Security in Stone Town receive a bonus for their outstanding services during a royal visit

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GardaWorld completes its acquisition of KK Security

Dec, 2016

GardaWorld has completed the acquisition of KK security as it looks to expand its footprint across Africa.

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Best Security short list in Malawi

Nov, 2016

Award winning services in Malawi, KK Security presented an award by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management

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